Porcelain Slabs Are Now Available in Toronto

Porcelain slabs are quickly evolving from being a niche into a mainstream option for home owners and renovators in Toronto. First introduced in the nineties, porcelain slabs initially enjoyed popularity in Spain and Italy. Since then, porcelain slabs have vastly improved in quality and aesthetic – finishes are now available in dramatic metallics, fabrics and realistic wood reproductions. Improvements in technology allow manufacturers to offer large seamless porcelain slab products, making them an excellent option for countertops, backsplash, islands and dining tops.


Choosing a porcelain slab as the centrepiece of your kitchen offers many benefits. A beautiful countertop can elevate an ordinary room into a place of beauty. Traditionally, customers opt for marble and granite products due to their unique appearance, natural beauty and air of sophistication. However, marble countertops are soft and porous and therefore easily stained and requiring regular sealing. Many Torontonians are now prioritising low maintenance but aesthetically pleasing options, which is where porcelain slabs excel.


Many homeowners now enjoy the many benefits that porcelain slabs have to offer, including the following:

  • Durability
Porcelain slabs are typically 30% more durable than granite – the hardest natural stone!
  • Heat and scratch resistant
Porcelain slabs are more resilient to scratches than granite and other materials and it does not require regular sealing.
  • Ultra-thin and sleek appearance
Porcelain slab countertops enhance a contemporary space and can even be installed over existing countertops. Some slabs are only a quarter inch thick, making it easy to deliver to the fabricator shop and eventually transport to the job site.
  • Non-porous

Porcelain slabs’ non-porous nature protects it from stains and moisture, ensuring colour stability.

  • Versatility

Porcelain slabs come in a variety of finishes, including replicating weathered metal!


Porcelain slabs are also an excellent option for exterior construction and furnishing in Toronto, allowing the customer to create a continuity between indoor and outdoor kitchens, without risk of deterioration from rain, wind, sun or snow.


Another benefit of installing a porcelain slab in your house is the option to combine with porcelain tiles of the same colour and pattern on the floors, walls and baseboard. It is the particular production and manufacturing process which results in the ability of porcelain tiles to withstand high levels of moisture. This involves mixing fine porcelain clays with various ferrous materials such as quartz and sand to produce an incredibly durable product. The ability of porcelain to withstand daily wear and moisture and its stain resistant nature make it an excellent option for tiling a kitchen floor, offering the customer the ability to highlight a porcelain slab countertop centrepiece.


Toronto homeowners are quickly realizing the many benefits that porcelain slabs have to offer. Although traditional favourites, granite and marble, remain popular due to their unique and striking appearance, many home renovators now prefer a low-maintenance porcelain slab countertop option, available in a variety of finishes. Combining the durability of granite and the non-porous nature of quartz, porcelain slab products are the top choice for long-lasting, easily maintained countertops in Toronto.